COVID-19 Lockdown Make-up Lesson Policy


As you would be aware COVID-19 lockdowns have a big effect on our swim school and small businesses in general. Organising lots of make-up lessons has its challenges so please be flexible and understand that you will be notified by an email or text when your child’s class date and time of the lockdown make-up lesson is booked. During the swim season Gina may need to do lockdown lessons on a Saturday afternoon or a Sunday morning so let’s work together and get these lessons done so we can continue to operate the swim school and move forward. It takes a lot of administration time to sort the organising of class schedules, particularly make-up lessons.

IMPORTANT TO ALL PARENTS – When Gina has given you your child’s class day and time for the lockdown make-up and if you are unable to attend YOU WILL NEED TO FORFEIT your COVID-19 lockdown make-up lesson.

Thank you for your understanding.

Make-up Lesson Policy

The swim schools make-up policy is the same for all children and parents as it allows our swim school to operate with ease.

It is important to make sure sick children do not attend swim lessons so we can keep germs from spreading.

If your child is sick, here’s what to do in order to receive a make-up lesson:

  • Please notify Gina by text or email by 5pm the day before your child’s scheduled swim lesson in order to receive a make-up lesson.
  • Your make-up lesson will be scheduled on the next available day and time that fits with the swim schools class schedule.
  • In the event that all classes are fully booked, your child will be put on a waiting list and Gina will contact you when a day and time becomes available.
  • If you are unable to attend your booked make-up lesson, you will need to forfeit the make-up.
  • All make-ups are non-transferable. Once a make-up lesson has been booked, you cannot change the make-up date and time.

Gina appreciates parents letting her know if your children cannot attend their lesson as it makes the swim school run a lot more efficiently for all involved.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with Gina.