Meet the Team

Hi All, my name is Donna. I love anything outdoors, including being in or near the water. I grew up on the beach and river in Victoria but moved back to the coast 16 years ago after spending 4 years living in Canada.

I am a single mum to 2 and have been a Learn to Swim teacher for 17 years. In-fact I became a LTS teacher when I took my now 20 year old to swim lessons. We both loved doing swimming so much I had a change of career.

Safety is paramount to me but so is having fun at swim lessons so that’s why I’m excited to be working at Gina’s. I have worked in many swim schools but I love the play based program at Gina’s, allowing kids to be kids and the calmness and caring environment.

I’m really passionate about your children learning to love the water and I get a real kick out of seeing your children’s expression when they succeed. My job is so rewarding, the kids make me laugh, a lot.

I cant wait to meet you at your next swim lesson!