Meet Gina


Come on a swimming journey with Gina’s Blue Water Babies

Gina teaching one on one with a child

My name is Gina and I am the owner of Gina’s Blue Water Babies Swim School. I have been teaching children to swim for 20 years and I specialise in teaching babies from 6 weeks old to prep aged school children.

My overall aim is to teach children:

1. Water survival and swimming skills
2. Swimming independence
3. To become confident little swimmers
4. Preparation for future education through my structured swim lesson program
5. Preparation for physical activities
6.To become safer in and around the water environment

WE NEED TO BE PREPARED!! It is important for children to start swimming early in their lives as our environment includes numerous waterways. Here at Gina’s Blue Water Babies, we love to give babies and children the gift of swimming!

Gina’s Blue Water Babies is a private boutique swim school. My unique baby program teaches effective water safety skills through fun water activities and songs , progressing over the years to the development of swimming competence.

I am always available to advise parents about my learn to swim program and I want to share the message to parents who have young babies, to start swim lessons early so that their babies can develop confidence, structure and an understanding of water.

Over the years of teaching, I have developed long and fulfilling relationships with my children and parents and it’s these relationships that have allowed me to love what I do. The learn to swim journey is important for all children.

Ginas learn to swim small group class

Teaching kids safety in and around the water prevents drowning. We need to consider all the factors including supervision, barriers, survival skills and readiness for emergencies.


Gina communicates messages to parents about the importance of supervision as well as teaching their children the skills they need to survive in the water.


Safety measures in various water environments are important for both children and parents – Gina prepares them to deal with emergencies in a water environment.

Children on floatation device learning to swim
Children enjoying the fun swim lesson
Children listening to Ginas instruction in the pool