Gina’s Enrolment Process:

Step 1

Fill out enrolment form below

Please provide your details and indicate your preferred lesson day.

Step 2

Booking confirmation

Gina will call you directly to confirm a day and time for your lessons.

Step 3

Invoice sent for payment

Please make prompt payment to secure your child’s placement.

Enrolment Form

  • Parent/Guardian Details

  • Students Details

  • More Info

  • Do any of the above mentioned children suffer from any physical or medical conditions and/or water traumas? If so, please outline below:
  • Has your child/ren participated in any previous swim lessons?
  • What are your preferred swim lesson days? (Please select at least 2 options):
  • How did you hear about Gina's Blue Water Babies?
  • Parent/Guardian Declaration

  • ATTENTION - STRICTLY NO CREDITS OR REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR COVID LOCKDOWNS, SICKNESS OR HOLIDAYS. A makeup lesson will be given in place of your missed lesson if you contact Gina before 6.30am the day of your child's schedule swim lesson.
    If you notify Gina AFTER 6.30am the day of your child's swim lesson you will FORFEIT your scheduled lesson as it is too late to receive a makeup.


  • If your child is sick please do not bring them to swim lessons remember to contact Gina on 0439 461 087 or by email either the NIGHT BEFORE or BEFORE 6.30am the day of your childs swim lesson by text to Gina to receive a makeup lesson.

    Read the Make-up Lesson Policy here.

  • This makeup policy applies to all parents and children who enrol into Gina’s Blue Water Babies Swim School. By accepting the above, you are acknowledging that you have read and accept the policy.

    Covid lockdown makeups with be arranged by Gina at a chosen date, class day and time and you will be notified by email.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    One months written notice via email to Gina is required for all cancellations. Your notice will not take into effect until this is received. Cancellations of any swim lessons will not be refunded unless it is at Gina’s discretion.
  • Photography:
    Please indicate below if you wish to exclude your child from any photographs/videos taken during swim lessons and used for marketing material. Please note: Parents can take individual photos of their own child/ren but not of the class unless permission is given by the other parents/guardians as it is a requirement for the protection of young children.

    I understand that although every precaution will be taken to ensure the safety of the above mention children, I will not hold Gina's Blue Water Babies Swim School, or its appointed employees, contractors, agents or helpers responsible for any mishap. I hereby give permission for the appropriate actions to be taken should a medical emergency occur. I understand that Gina's Blue Water Babies Swim School has taken precautions to ensure sick or infectious people do not enter the pool. However, I will not hold Gina's Blue Water Babies Swim School responsible for any sickness or infectious disease obtained in connection with the swimming lessons.

Note to parents:

Swim and survival lessons here at Gina’s Blue Water Babies are GST free. We comply with the Australian Taxation Commission guidelines to provide you GST free services.

To comply with these regulations, we have to include personal Aquatic Survival Skills in our swim course and activities that your children participate in, these include:

  1. Sculling
  2. Treading water
  3. Floating
  4. Safe entry and exit from the water
  5. Techniques for clothed swimming survival
  6. Use of devices to assist in rescue
  7. Basic swimming skills.