Tips for Parents

Learning to Swim with Gina is a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone!

Here are a few tips for all parents and children who come along to my swim school. I aim to provide the children with a quiet learning environment which is a must to ensure they get the most out of their lessons.

Aquatic education starts even before you enter the Swim School front gate. It is important for parents and children to be aware of the following:

Parent supervision

Please supervise your child at all times before, during and after their swim lesson.

No running

Please be careful, the surface around the pool may be slippery when wet.

Lesson etiquette

Always wait for your teacher to invite your child into the water to start their swim lesson.

Quiet voices on pool deck

Please respect those who are learning and keep voices and any distractions to a minimum.

All mobile devices on silent

Please switch all mobiles and devices to silent – urgent calls can be taken outside of the swim school area.

Parking Restrictions

Swim school parking is in Banksia Avenue only (Strictly NO parking in Malibu Ave) and please do not park over yellow lines.

Be Prepared!

Here are some general tips to help ensure that your child’s swim lessons are LESS STRESS and MORE FUN!!


Prompt arrival

Please arrive 10-15mins before your lessons starts so you have time for those last-minute things (e.g: going to the bathroom).

Swim nappies

It is compulsory for all children 3 years and under to wear a swim nappy at Gina’s Blue Water Babies swim school.


Hair tied up

Hair needs to be tied up or a swimming cap should be worn to help prevent hair clogging in the pool filtration.

No sunscreen

Sunscreen is not necessary as the shade cover at our swim school protects you and your child from the sun at all times.


What do I need to bring to swim lessons?

  • Parents need to wear a swimsuit (togs) or whatever you feel comfortable wearing in the water
  • Children who are toilet trained need to wear a swimsuit (togs):
    Girls: preferably a one piece swimsuit
    Boys: togs or boardies and a rashie in the colder months of swimming
  • Children 3 years & under MUST WEAR A SWIM NAPPY! – This is a new rule for swimming lessons within the above age group. It has been implemented to safe guard the health and safety of all children in the pool.
  • Goggles may be used in swim classes for children aged 3 to pre-schooling age
  • Towels and clothes to get dressed into after your swim lesson
  • No sunscreen – it is not necessary to apply sunscreen before your swim lesson as there is a shade cover to protect you from the sun.

What happens if my child is sick and cannot come to swim lessons?

Please email Gina before 6am on your scheduled swim day if your child cannot attend their swim lesson. If a make-up lesson is booked and you are unable to attend that make-up lesson, unfortunately you will need to forfeit that lesson as it is not able to be rescheduled to another day. For more details about our make-up lesson policy click here.

Do we still come to swim lessons if it is raining?

Yes, unless there is thunder and lightning we normally proceed with swim lessons  when it is raining. Gina will call, text or email you if lessons are going to be postponed due to the weather.

What time should we arrive for our swim lessons?

We encourage you to arrive at least 10 mins prior to your lesson time so that all children learn to sit and wait in pool area and not just walk through the gate into the pool. This is an important part of the pool safety education. Starting lessons on time also allows the swim school to run smoothly.

When do I pay the fees for my child's swim lessons?

Once you have submitted your enrolment form an invoice will be emailed to you. This invoice needs to be paid within 24hrs to secure your child’s swim school placement.

When does your swim season start/finish and when can I book in for swim lessons?

Our swim season starts at the beginning of August with a two week break over the Christmas holidays. We commence again in early January and continue until the end of May. We take bookings for classes all year round so please call Gina on 5446 1087 or click here to email us for more information.

If you are ready to enrol today please click here to register and pay your swim fees.

How long before my child can swim by themselves?

All children go into a Transitional Class when they are ready to swim independently. This stage happens when children are showing signs of wanting to swim by themselves without their parents or carer in the water. Generally children are ready to swim independently at around 2.5 years of age.

Some children go into a Transitional Class earlier and some need a little more time to mature with their physical and psychological development, hence the need to stay in the toddler class with their parents or carer until they feel comfortable moving to the next stage of independent swimming.

What should we do to help further our child's skills outside of lessons?

It is important to remember when taking your child in the pool outside of our swim lessons, that the first 10 minutes is spent practicing their swimming skills. This will ensure a good approach to their class structure.