8 Benefits of Infant Swim Time

Time to get your baby swimming!

When your baby isn’t old enough to walk, it may seem silly to take them to the pool. But there can be so many benefits to splashing around and gliding through the water.

Being in the water engages your baby’s body in a completely unique way, creating billions of new neurons as your baby kicks, glides, and smacks at the water.

Due to their delicate immune systems, doctors typically recommend that parents keep their babies from chlorinated pools or lakes until they’re about 6 months old .

But you don’t want to wait too long to introduce your baby to the pool. Children who don’t get their feet wet until later tend to be more fearful and negative about swimming. Younger children are also usually less resistant to floating on their backs, a skill that even some babies can learn!

Here’s a list of 8 benefits of infant swim time:

1. Swimming may improve cognitive functioning
2. Swim time may reduce the risk of drowning
3. Swimming may improve confidence
4. Increases quality time between caregivers and babies
5. Builds muscle strength
6. Improves coordination and balance
7. Improves sleeping patterns
8. Improves appetite

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Source: Healthline Parenthood