Welcome to Gina’s Swim School

We are a boutique swim school located in Coolum Beach and run by Gina Baruch. Gina is a highly qualified swim instructor with over 20 years of experience. Our classes are taught in a nurturing environment and each child’s needs are considered in order to maximise their learning experience.

Advantages of small swim class sizes in a boutique swim school:

  • your child will learn progressive swimming skills
  • quiet environment in which children can focus and learn without interruptions
  • your child will be able to take better instruction from their swim teacher
  • more personalised swim programs that allow your child to learn at their own pace.

What we offer

Swim programs to suit babies (from 6wks) to prep aged children.

Lessons on swimming and survival skills as well as water safety.

Regular classes from Tuesday through to Saturday each week.

Heated Ozone accredited swimming pool with change room facilities.

Children enjoying swim lessons at Ginas Blue Water Babies
Gina teaching a child swimming techniques

Ready to join in the fun at Gina’s Blue Water Babies?

What our parents say:

  • positive review  I have two children enrolled with Gina and the results are phenomenal. They began with Gina at six weeks old and both have been attending lessons twice a week since. My four year old was swimming unassisted by age two, and my 20 month old is well on her way to the same milestone. Their confidence and awareness in the water is so reassuring, especially for a parent on the coast. They respect the water and their pool safety skills are now second nature. I cannot recommend Gina enough!

    thumb Mary Figone

    positive review  Our 15 month loves her swimming lessons with Gina. Gina continued to teach a land based program while we couldn’t attend during COVID. Now that we have returned to classes Gina has implemented COVID safe cleaning and social distancing as well as the smaller class sizes.

    thumb Jodie Jacobson

    positive review  We went to Gina's Blue Water Babies for 6 years. My children have learnt excellent swimming skills, water safety and confidence. They love swimming! Gina's swimming environment has adapted to COVID precautions. I would highly recommend swimming lessons at Gina's!

    thumb Nicole New
  • positive review  We have been at Gina’s for about 2 months now with my 9 month old and I am so happy we chose her school. She is extremely educated and so gentle and patient with the babies. I especially enjoy the small class sizes which allows more time for one on one. Could not recommend Gina enough !

    thumb Taylor Baldwin

    positive review  My 4 month old son loves attending Gina's classes. She truly adores teaching and makes sure every moment is fun and safe in the pool. Gina is very organised with reminders and her pool and toys are always clean. We travel over 30 minutes to our class each week because we like the small class numbers with one-on-one teacher attention, and of course... we love Gina!

    thumb Michelle Lee

    positive review  We love swimming lessons at Gina's! We have been attending for a few years with my oldest, and recently started my baby there too. Originally we chose this swim school for the Ozone poole, but have grown to love it so much for the small classes (just 2 or 3 kids per class, so lots of individual attention), and the strong focus on safety outside of the pool too. Gina has also added extra health and safety measures during this time so everyone can feel confident enjoying swimming lessons.

    thumb Courtney Dow
  • positive review  Thank you, Gina for making sure that our family is safe during COVID-19. My 5 year old and 9 month old have returned to Gina’s during this time. There are clear social distancing procedures for parents and children. She sanitises between lessons and professional cleans daily and the OZONE pool systems guarantees chemical free, clean water. We’re so glad to return to swimming!

    thumb Aimee Thomas

    positive review  Gina has been fantastic ensuring that families remain healthy and safe during COVID-19. Her communication around new processes has been excellent and very easy to understand implement. We are glad to be back swimming 🙂

    thumb Kellie Barker

    positive review  Resuming swimming lessons after the Covid closure was a stress free experience for my family. Gina has maintained a very clean and safe environment for everyone by installing a new hygiene station at the entrance and exit, cleaning between lessons and continuing to have small class sizes. She also has the Ozone filtration system in the pool which maintains a clean and healthy swimming environment. I am very happy to continue having our swimming lessons at Gina's during these challenging times.

    thumb Ellen Baker
  • positive review  My son has been going to Gina for a while now and he has improved so much and loves it. Also through this isolation period Gina has gone above and beyond.. keeping in contact with everyone and providing land based swimming lessons online absolutely free. Her and Donna are amazing swim teachers and my son can't wait to get back there!

    thumb Keira Balfour

    positive review  Ive been bringing my kids here since they were tiny babies. We love the structure and confidence they've gained in and around the water

    thumb Ellen Baker

    positive review  Gina has taught my son to swim and he is now just working on stroke development and stamina. My baby is booked in to start also. Her methods are holistic and she adapts her strategies to meet the needs of each child. Thank you, Gina 😊

    thumb Aimee Thomas
  • positive review  Gina and her team are fantastic!! I would highly recommend Gina’s Blue Water Babies!!

    thumb Tracey Millum

    positive review  Gina is an incredible swim teacher. Highly recommend - our two boys have learnt to swim here and their confidence and skill in the water has grown as a result. Thank you Gina! 🙂

    thumb Jess Stansbie

    positive review  We love Gina blue water babies 👶

    thumb Kim Maree
  • positive review  We love swimming lessons with Gina and Donna . They are very professional and the kids really enjoy there lessons .

    thumb Nikki Newcomb

    positive review  Gina’s Blue Water Babies has been such a blessing for our daughters transition from Victoria. Never having done a swimming lesson and being 4 she has loved every minute of the program and is progressing and enjoying every lesson. Gina and Donna have been so great and welcoming. It’s great to be apart of that kind of nurturing environment. Thank you Belinda

    thumb Belinda Morelli

    positive review  Our 3 year old Son really enjoys his swimming lessons every week and he is learning so much and progressing every week. Both Donna and Gina are great with the kids and are great teachers. We also love the ozone pool our sons skin feels amazing and not horrible and smelly like normal chlorinated public pools. Highly recommend 🙂

    thumb Emma Cormack
  • positive review  Gina's swim school has been so good for our kids. When my daughter started I couldn't even get her face wet in the bath! Now she can swim a length of the pool 🏊‍♂️

    thumb Larissa Barton

    positive review  We love having swimming lessons at Gina’s. Both Gina and Donna are amazing with our little one. She has gained so much confidence since starting at Gina’s. We love that there is no more than 3 per class as Donna can then really focus on our bub. So accommodating with make up classes too. I would highly recommend Gina’s Blue Water Babies for any age! Thank you Gina and Donna!!

    thumb Bree Rohweder

    positive review  We’ve just moved to the sunny coast and my daughters swimming lessons back home were nothing compared to Gina’s. Zella has excelled since starting with Gina and she has more confidence now than ever. Gina is great at keeping the kids engaged and I love how she practices safety outside the water as well as in. We highly recommend Gina 🙌🏽

    thumb Shannon Richardson
  • 5 star review  Gina is a fabulous instructor ..... the kids love her !

    thumb Robyn Johnston

    positive review  Perfect setup for bubs first swimming lessons! No more than 3 in a class, great teachers and really flexible about offering makeup sessions due to illness etc. We go twice a week and he loves it!

    thumb Kat Winkel

    positive review  My son has been taking Gina’s lessons, continuously since 8 weeks old. He is now 16 months old. This week as he was sitting on the edge of a friends pool, just above the first step (close to over his depth) surrounded by 3 adults within a metre of him, he slipped in whilst dangling his legs over the edge. Before any of us had time to grab him, he had all ready turned under the water and attempted to kick back up to the edge where he was sitting. I thoroughly recommend Gina’s lessons to anyone with children who are older than 6 weeks old. Thanks Gina.

    thumb Jay Govett
  • positive review  My two love going to Gina's, we are currently transitioning my 2 year old to swim with out me in the water and I'm amazed at how well he is going learning to listen and following instructions. I feel it's very important for them to learn this while in the pool and even out side around the pool. I have to say that Gina's pool is the cleanest pool I have ever been in and with the new ozone pool my daughter no longer complains about her eyes hurting and we no longer smell like chlorine after each lesson.

    thumb Anna Cranga

    5 star review  Had our first swimming lesson today and was blown away with the professionalism yet gentle and child friendly approach both Donna and Gina have in terms of teaching the classes. My 2 year old was hesitant leading up to lessons but once we got there she felt so comfortable and did not want to leave! So so impressed with how the teacher gives parents takeaway knowledge to be able to continue water safety at home as well as at lessons. Absolutely can not recommend this swim school enough �

    thumb Brooke Magookin

    positive review  Gina's genuine care for our little one and her nurturing attitude towards mums and bubs

    thumb Amy Phillips
  • positive review  My eldest started at Gina’s at 5 months old (top photo) and we all loved it. We then decided to have a break over Christmas without realising how hard it would be to get back in! It feels like we’ve crossed a thousand seas to get back into Gina’s Blue water Babies, and now we’re back, we aren’t ever leaving! My eldest is 2.5 and youngest is 1.5 years old and they not only love going to Gina, but listen to her, follow her instructions and have learnt vital swimming skills and water safety. We have been to 5 different swim schools on the coast and in Mackay and always left in disappointment, as nothing compares to Gina and the learning environment she has created for her students and their families. She has small classes that follow an effective learning structure, the environment is very quiet and calm, and she also gets the children to partake in exercises outside of the water. I cannot express how great Gina’s Blue Water Babies is! From the moment you walk in she greets you with a loving smile. There are beautiful murals on the wall and the facilities are immaculate. We will be here for many years to come. Thankyou for giving my girls, the time, patience, stern yet nurturing coaching my girls need to develop their water safety and swimming skills.

    thumb Tori Robins

    positive review  We have been going to Gina’s blue water babies since my son was 10 weeks old and we love it there and our teacher Paula! Recently Gina has installed the ozone purification system in - so now my baby is guaranteed to be swimming in clean fresh purified water with no nasty chemicals 🙂

    thumb Alysha-Bree Beverly

    5 star review  Thank you to Gina and Paula my little fish have gained so much confidence and important skills with you guys they will miss you.

    thumb Kalinda Wilkinson


We are now a fully accredited OZONE SWIM POOL?!!

Ozone pool purification is a healthy, environmentally friendly swim pool solution.

Enjoy swimming in clean, hygienic water without the smell and irritation caused by high levels of chlorine. Because your health and well being is our concern!