Gina’s Blue Water Babies Mural

Hi Everyone,

I would just like to share with you the beautiful sea mural that a Brisbane based company called Graffiti Murals has been assigned to paint in my swim school.

I wanted the swim school environment to have a colourful and happy feel so that the kids who come to swim lessons feel energized and happy to learn how to swim.

It is a very unique mural and when the parents and children walked into the swim school after it had been done they were excited and loved the mural… Lots of WOW’S!!!

Lots of positive comments from everyone. The parents loved it and the kids love talking about what is happening in the sea mural.

It is always a point of conversation and I use this mural as a teaching tool when I am teaching the children in the pool.

Come see for yourself, it is a great environment to LEARN HOW TO SWIM!!!